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with you.

Our Experience ensures you build a prototype/product
ready for manufacturing.

Jump in
when you need.

Idea / Problem

Product Design


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To Market

the gap

We can have your products ready in 10 days and even 10.000 in 25 days. This allows you to go to market faster than your competitors. This allows for easy upgrades or alternations before mass productions are ready.


Got an exclusive product and don’t need 25.000 units?
We offer Low volume productions from 1 to 2500.

Fast product manufacturing

Close to
the action

As most of our production happens takes place in-house in Boom, near Antwerp you can follow up on progress and easily make alternations if needed.  A quick re-production is possible too.


The customer portfolio of ADSO is truly diverse, small innovative compagnies and start-ups up to the big multinationals. 

Every assignment, problem or idea is handled with the greatest care and quality. 


We design your product for you from idea, sketch or even advanced plans. We can help you Engineer a product that’s instantly ready for production with a minimum of testing and altering.



Engineering and production

Medical grade Shock and Waterproof censoring device with USB charger.

Fully engineered and produced by Adso together with a German and Dutch company.

Benefit from the

ADSO Advantages.

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