Fast Growing product development bureau

We aid our customers to realise their product idea, resulting in a product design ready for production. ADSO offers the total package of engineering, design, development and production, and all of this under one roof. 

That’s what makes us so unique. The entire product development process done by one partner. 

This aspect is accompanied with a lot of advantages for our customers: they save an enormous amount of time and thus are able to proceed to production faster.

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ESEF 2022

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14-15/09 2022

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Rapid Service Expert

One of our biggest advantages is without a doubt our “Rapid Service”. Thanks to our specific approach, we are able to limit the time between product design and production to a minimum.

This service offers great added value and high profits for our customers. The faster a product can be produced, the faster it can enter the market. 

Whether we are talking about small runs or mass production, together with our customers we search and define the best solution for every need and desire.

Diverse Portfolio

The customer portfolio of ADSO is truly diverse, small innovative companies and start-ups up to the big multinationals. 

Every assignment, problem or idea is handled with the greatest care and quality. 

An experienced team of product engineers and designers is always at your service to guide and advice you during the development process.

In House Production

We possess a wide range of in house production capabilities (Plastic Injection, Milling, Turning, PCB potting,…). 

With all of these possibilities we offer a solution to every production inquiry and we are able to make a fast production process possible. 

In addition, we also closely monitor the production and we therefore guarantee high-quality production with all necessary care.

Engineering Specialist

We design your product for you from idea, sketch or even
advanced plans. 

We can help you Engineer a product that’s
instantly ready for production with a minimum of testing
and altering.

Mask ComfortKit

Designed for hygiene and comfort. The current pandemic brought a pre-existing problem into clear focus. The associated inconveniences of wearing facemasks for an extended period of time. We decided to help where we could and provide Advanced Solutions that would make wearing these masks less disturbing and invasive. But it’s not like wearing Facemasks will disappear along with Covid-19. 

That’s why we remain committed to increasing Comfort and Hygiene for the sectors where this is and will always be important. The Adso-Care Comfort Kit was designed and is produced entirely in-house at our Adso facility.

Discover the

ADSO Advantages.

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