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The ADSO | ComfortKit includes the ADSO Ears, FaceSuit® and HeadStrip. These 3 products were created to increase the overall comfort of a face mask. With the complete set, the user can choose and determine the best combination for his mask and his face. The products are presented in a beautiful compact box. This box keeps the parts clean and organized, it can also be used to store the masks correctly and dust-free.

The images of caregivers with imprints of face masks on their faces, the stories of sore ears, crammed glasses, etc., have prompted us to design and produce a product that does away with all these inconveniences and problems.

After all, our carers must be able to do their job in the best conditions.

With the development of ADSO Ears, FaceSuit® and HeadStrip, we hope to be able to contribute to this.


ADSO has engineered and is producing this innovative product, commissioned by a German and Dutch client. The device is shock proof (1.20m) and belongs to the IP55 protection class. All parts are made with medical grade material and are produced in ADSO’s Soft Tools to keep the investment costs low and the lead times short.

The Messenger is a device used by doctors and nurses in hospitals to distribute and receive any relevant information regarding the patients. The important data they receive allows them to evaluate priorities, determine necessary actions that need to be made and respond accordingly.


ADSO designed and engineered the entire enclosure and also added PU potting to make the PCB waterproof while ensuring the operation of the air sensors.

The iMini is the small flagship of iSense it, measuring a range of environmental parameters. This little device is very multifunctional, it runs on battery or USB charger and is the size of a fat TIC TAC box.

At full power, the iMini measures temperature, humidity, CO2, VOC, light, change in lighting, noise level, G-forces and slope of the device.


The customer delivered the design and ADSO produced the housing using Soft Tools, resulting in a short lead time and low costs.

The GridLer iMatch provides support for professionals in terms of public order, safety and border security. The product has the latest innovative technologies to control ID documents and to verify biometric characteristics. De GridLer iMatch is light, robust, compact and meets the very strict technical security demands.


Together with the customer ADSO designed and produced the product set. The use of ICC and Soft Tools guaranteed a short lead time and low investment.

The Fixsus TP10 is a control panel which gets installed in households and office environments. This device communicates through the DIOC protocol with the controlling system running throughout the entire building. Within this multifunctional device, you will find the following functionalities: 10 buttons on the Touch Panel with 10 LEDs, a display of temperature, CO2 level, general air quality and humidity.


ADSO engineered and produced the hard plastic housing and the soft silicone sleeve, using ICC and Soft Tools. Using these tool techniques, ADSO made the lead times short and the investments low.

This Medatec product collection holds an advanced sleep monitor, with its compact dimensions and ease of use makes it very suitable for home use. This device ensures that the patient can endure the sleep test at home, in a familiar environment.


ADSO designed and produced the housing using Rapid Tooling (3D-printed tools) to evaluate the flexible sealing and Soft Tools to produce the housing parts, including the overmolding of the transparent window.

This product allows to combine 3 types of measurements: Temperature, relative humidity, air speed, differences in pressure, etc. The customer chooses and puts the functions together.

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