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Low Pressure Molding

In House

Low Pressure Molding is a faster and more efficient process compared to conventional potting. As the name already suggests, the parts are molded at lower pressures, allowing for gentle encapsulation of delicate electronic assemblies. The most common uses for this process are the potting of electronics or to create a strain relief on a cable.

low pressure molding example
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Potting / Resin Casting

In House

Next to Low Pressure Molding we also still do the conventional potting of electronics. We are able to do this both manually or semi-automatically. The potting provides supreme protection from water, chemicals, voltage discharge, shocks, physical damage,…

Plastic Injection

In House

At our facility in Boom, we have different types of injection machines. This allows us to reduce the time gap effectively between the engineering of the products and the delivery of them.

Our machines are equipped with conveyor belts and picker robot arms. For more information regarding the molds we use, please check our Rapid Service section!

Plastic injected part
Die casted product

die casting & Lost Wax casting


The Die Casting and Lost Wax Casting process is very difficult and hard, the entire factory needs to be equipped for this, so it’s no surprise that we don’t offer this service at our facility in Boom.

But no problem! Our colleagues in China are at our service to provide our customers with their desired products. Contact us to discuss the possibilities!

Metal Sheet Parts & Small Metal Constructions


In China we have a quality-oriented manufacturing facility providing our customers with a wide range of applications, from precision sheet metal to heavy plate.

Our talented sheet metal engineers and skilled craftsmen work together to create high quality custom metal products.

punctured metal sheets waving

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