your idea.

Engineering & design

Our knowledge of production is being processed into our designs. The reason for our success is, because of our in-house production, we know immediately how to design a product which is suitable for production. Cost advantages are already being achieved at this phase. Not only do our engineers possess the mechanical and technical knowledge, they also combine the resources of the industry.

We use all our creativity and effort to present superior solutions to our customers. Our business
philosophy is to provide our clients with innovative and profitable products.

Reverse Engineering

Our reverse engineering capabilities allow you to scan an existing part, retrieve the 3D data, manipulate them and if needed make changes. This is incredibly useful for re-engineering old parts where the 3D file is lost, not accessible or even non-existent.

2D To 3D

We can convert your 2D drawing to a solid 3D model. Not only from a PDF, DXF or DWG, but also from hand drawn sketches.

Design & Concepts

In order to be truly successful, innovative products require a lot more than just sheer creativity or good design. Together with our customers we define a program of demands.

Using this program our multidisciplinary team will be able to create a variety of quick-designs and out-of-the-box concepts.

Our engineering team will in turn translate the selected concept into a commercially and easy-to-produce product that is truly valuable to our customers.

Benefit from the

ADSO Advantages.

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